Quick and Easy Setup

Per Didactum’s plug and play feature this SNMP-compatible temperature sensor will be auto detected when plugged into any of the eight sensor ports on the Didactum controller.

The sensor is then automatically displayed in the web interface for easy configuration of the temperature thresholds and alerts. Upon request this sensor can be installed up to 100 meters away from the controller.

This provides easy flexibility for installing the temperature sensor in the required monitored areas. After the Didactum SNMP thermometer is connected to a switch or hub, access is then possible via the browser in the multilingual web interface.

Each sensor connected to the Didactum controller can be configured individually from within the controllers’ web GUI. Then the temperature sensor thresholds are easily set up as required along with the alert notifications.

Temperature monitoring with SNMP, email and SMS alert

Each Didactum temperature monitoring system provides notification and alarm types such as SNMP-Traps, e-mail and SMS (via optional GSM modem).

The active status of connected sensors can be monitored via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Via SNMP polling the sensor values can be collected and graphed.

When the critical environmental factor temperature exceeds specific threshold, the Didactum Monitoring System 500 will send SNMP alerts to NMS such as Nagios, OpenNMS or Zabbix.

Didactum`s remote monitoring devices are full SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 compliant.

A Nagios plugin and SNMP MIB definitions are included with each remote monitoring appliance from Didactum. You can download the MIB file directly from the WebGUI.

Didactum Temperature Sensor

When the temperature level has reached a warning or critical level an individual text and the actual temperature can be sent via email or SMS to several recipients. The temperature alarm from the production, storage or server room can be also trigger a siren for audio alerting, so the staff can respond more quickly to critical on-site environmental conditions.

The Didactum 500 controller models have built-in DC-relay’s and can for example turn on or off equipment such as fan or ventilators when unexpected temperature levels are reached. These desired actions are easily stored in the web front end of the Didactum controller. In the system log monitoring all critical events and actions are recorded and can be evaluated upon request at headquarters.

The Didactum temperature sensors are specifically designed for precise temperature monitoring and control which includes the query of the connected sensors via the network or Internet.